2023 Knowledge Quest Impact

Since 1998, Knowledge Quest has been committed to serving youth and families in South Memphis. In our community, 95% of residents are African-American and the median age is 28.3 years. Through our various programs, we are proud to say that Knowledge Quest has made a significant impact on the community.


Families Served


Students Enrolled


Pounds Harvested

Slingshot Baseline Impact Study

A baseline impact study is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s poverty-fighting effectiveness. The following results for Knowledge Quest are based on its 2023 baseline impact study:

  • Benefit-Cost Ratio: Very Strong – Estimated benefits substantially exceed costs
  • Systems-Level Change: Very Strong – Evidence for the creation of significant systems-level change
  • Use of Best Practices: Very Strong – Practices are most effective and consistently applied
  • Measurement Infrastructure: Very Strong – Robust measurement infrastructure and use of data to understand and improve impact

Impact Dashboards